Bioenergy and Renewable Energy Projects


The escalating and fluctuating cost of fossil fuel internationally, as well as concerns over supply deficits and environmental degradation, are the catalyst for the development of alternative forms of energy. The emergence of Bioenergy as suitable renewable energy alternative with its quality constituents matching that of petroleum-based products, while having less polluting potentials and can contribute significantly to rural development and employment especially in African countries.
At the Tri-Apical Pharma our teams of motivated and highly credible members along with other interest parties from various internal organization are willing to work together on the Bioenergy project in Nigeria.
Tri-Apical Pharma & Integrated Services Ltd is therefore directly involved in bioenergy projects. and currently involved in establishment and logistics stage of Biomass conversion facility for production of electricity and biofuels with the use of highly efficient equipment and technology in Nigeria. In view of our rich source of biomass (from various areas) we are poised to provide bioenergy through our biomass conversion technology. Project on Phase one and would make significantly contribution in augmenting the electricity supply on the national grid when fully completed.